Mysterio punched by Spiderman
Spider-Man: Far from Home gave us a Mysterio movie combining a convincing narrative and the filmmaking technology to support him.
Spider-man Mysterio fight.
The Amazing Spider-man 1963 Issue #620

Sam Raimi had planned Mysterio for his fourth movie but unfortunately, he never got to do it. But the wait was worth it and we saw a convincing Mysterio movie that has a strong narrative and filmmaking technology to support it.

For those of you not familiar with his background in the comics, Quentin Beck a.k.a. Mysterio was a Special Effects Artist, Stuntman and Set Designer for movies. Being a failed actor, he craved recognition, and this manifested in jealousy for the media headliner Spider-man. But technology has been a crucial element surrounding Mysterio’s character. His approach always revolved around psychologically torturing Spider-man with his illusions and technology rather than an actual fistfight. So, having the appropriate tech in both filmmaking and the narrative was essential for the character to work.

Anyone who has seen Far from Home will commend the Illusion Nightmare sequence in Berlin. The sequence succeeds as a visual delight and is our introduction to understanding Mysterio and his capabilities. It makes the audience second guess themselves which makes them relate more to Peter. All of my reactions to Mysterio’s illusions were in sync with what Peter was feeling which made the experience all the more immersive. So, huge props to the VFX Team for making Mysterio visually stunning.

Mysterio technology.
Sam Raimi would have resorted to something like this.

In terms of building the character around tech, I think Sam Raimi would have had a difficult time. Having villains existing in a vacuum eventually hurts the script. Which is exactly what happened in Spiderman 3. Limiting that movie to Harry Osborn would’ve linked all three villains to Oscorp and made perfect sense. But Sandman and Venom arising out of nowhere gave the script major problems. For which they eventually settled for an alien comet and a random science experiment gone wrong. Introducing Mysterio convincingly in that universe with the right tech would have been a huge challenge. Far from Home, however, tackled Mysterio in classic MCU Retcon fashion. Augmented Reality was already shown in Civil War and they made Quentin Beck the designer who failed to get recognition due to Tony Stark. Classic MCU.

We also saw some great panels come to life.

Spider-man comic panels adapted.
The Amazing Spider-man 1963 #67
Mysterio vacation plans stolen by Nick Fury.
The Amazing Spider-man 1963 #620
Far from home post credit scene callback.
TBH Nick Fury stole Mysterios’s idea of a vacation in the Post-Credits Scene.

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